Sue Scott: Seriously Silly

“I'm thrilled to be the focus of this second installment in the Royal Academy of Radio Actors CD series! It's been a blast helping to collect these scripts that highlight the variety of colorful characters I've had the privilege to do over the years. This truly is the best gig in show business. So take a peek. Then take the plunge and enjoy!” - Sue Scott


Sue Scott has taken her talents from the stage to the airwaves doing "funny voices on the radio" with A Prairie Home Companion since 1992. A vocal talent without compare, at any moment she can be garrulous, gracious, sassy, sinful, prim and proper, worldly and wise.

This CD collects the best of Sue Scott, so far, as if such a thing were possible. Here's Sue as Mom calling her beleaguered son Duane; as Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian; with her black belt in biblio-kwon-do. As devastatingly beautiful supermodel Cynthia Maxwell. As private eye Guy Noir's faithful ex-girlfriend, Sugar. As an NPR correspondent. A waitress named Vi. A blonde. A bird. Berniece. Radio Starlet Lulu Lane, and more.

Here's Sue Scott in 14 sketches, bits, and send-ups heard over the years on live broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion. All seriously silly.


TRACK LISTING (FROM 1996 - 2008):

  1. Mom
  2. Special Report Listen
  3. Our Neighbors - The Birds
  4. Green
  5. Old Folks
  6. Ruth Harrison [read the script]
  7. Blonde
  8. Wobegonics
  9. Duct Tape
  10. Couple
  11. Guy Noir
  12. Bob
  13. Communication in Minnesota [read the script]
  14. Overactors Theater


A Prairie Home Companion cast member Sue Scott's connection with Minnesota Public Radio started in late 1988 when she was cast to perform multiple character roles for various local and national MPR broadcasts. When Garrison Keillor returned to St. Paul with A Prairie Home Companion in 1992, Sue joined the cast and has been there ever since. Sue has also performed on celebrated theater stages throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest, is a veteran voice-over talent who can be heard frequently on radio and TV, and is featured in the Robert Altman movie A Prairie Home Companion as Donna, the make-up lady.  Sue will be joining the Prairie Home Christmas tour and the 2020 Carribean Cruise.

To keep up with Sue or for more information about her new podcast Island of Discarded Women, please visit >>>



  • Thanks for putting together your CD, Sue. We think you are brilliant! Best Wishes

    Todd W Lund
  • As you dig through the archives, please find an early show including family folk songs. The basic concept was audience members sent in off beat songs. My favorite was a simple singing of The Words “George Washington Bridge”. It has stayed with me for 30 plus years(well maybe I am simple minded). But some of the others were hilarious. I would pay to hear that segment again.
    There was a book of songs a little later by a couple with the last name of Pancake. ( Now you really think I am simple minded). But the Bridge song was not included.
    Fingers crossed you can hunt this down.


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