Tim Russell: Man of a Thousand Voices

Tim Russell: Man of a Thousand Voices

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Fans of A Prairie Home Companion know him as Garrison Keillor’s grumbling sidekick Dusty “The Lives of the Cowboys,” an array of wise-cracking wise-guys from the mean streets of “Guy Noir, Private Eye,” or Jim, the beleaguered husband from A Prairie Home Companion’s famously catchup-deprived midlife couple. One minute he’s George Bush or Julia Child, Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So here’s the fearless Tim Russell in 19 hilarious performances from A Prairie Home Companion, embracing every hairpin turn, crazy curve, or unexpected plot twist a live radio show heard by millions each week can possibly throw at the man of a thousand voices.

  • Heavenly Celebrities
  • Who’s on the Show
  • The Lives of the Cowboys
  • Santa
  • Conversation With F. Scott
  • Presidents
  • Fritz Electronics
  • Kerouac
  • Dad
  • Earl’s School of Language
  • Fred Farrell
  • Song of the Vampire
  • Guy Noir, Private Eye
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Bud’s Coffee
  • Catchup
  • Pharma-Jones
  • Guy’s Shoes
  • Celebrity Valentines


“Russell has a comically elastic voice that delivers the radio show’s smart, gentle satire of all things Midwestern. . . . This ‘best-of’ collection plays like a vintage comedy album, with plenty of 2-4 minute bits showing off Russell’s voice talents and quick wit.”
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