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Songs of the Cat (1 CD)

Songs of the Cat (1 CD)

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A catalogue of categorically fun songs! Garrison Keillor joins opera superstar Frederica Von Stade for 16 tunes celebrating one of Garrison’s favorite subjects, cats. Feel-good feline tracks include “Eine Kleine Kat,” “Cat, You Better Come Home,” and the fan favorite and public radio classic “The In and Out Song.” You’ll be catatonic with laughter. 60 minutes.

Track Listings:

  1. The Cat Came Back
  2. The Hallelujah Patrol
  3. The Mystery
  4. The Cats of Cash
  5. Dance To My Cats
  6. Eine Kleine KatIn Memory of Our Cat, Ralph
  7. Alaska Cats
  8. Beethoven Chased by Rossini
  9. Near Death: Or, The Search Rewarded
  10. Oy, Chuck and Katie
  11. Forty Miles
  12. The Rescue CatMy Grandmother's Cat
  13. As I Walked Out
  14. Cats May Safely Sleep
  15. Guilt and Shame
  16. Out in the Catskill Mountains
  17. Cat, You Better Come Home
  18. The In and Out Song