News from Lake Wobegon (4 CDs)

News from Lake Wobegon (4 CDs)

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The original monologue collection: 20 stories that follow the seasons of the year and will make you long for a visit to the "little town that time forgot and decades could not improve." Fan favorite stories include "The Living Flag," "Guys on Ice," "Giant Decoys," and "Tomato Butt." Over 4 hours on 4 CDs. 


Spring: Download from Amazon >>>  iTunes >>>

Me and Choir; A Day in the Life of Clarence Bunsen; Letter from Jim; Fiction

Summer: Download from Amazon >>>    iTunes >>>

The Living Flag; The Tollefson Boy Goes to College; Tomato Butt; Chamber of Commerce; Dog Days of August; Mrs. Berge and the Schubert Carillon Piano

Fall:  Download from Amazon >>>   iTunes >>>

Giant Decoys; Darryl Tollerud's Long Day; Hog Slaughter; Thanksgiving; The Royal Family

Winter: Download from Amazon >>>   iTunes >>>

Guys on Ice; James Lundeen's Christmas; The Christmas Story Re-told; New Year's from new York; Storm Home

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