More News from Lake Wobegon (4 CDs)

More News from Lake Wobegon (4 CDs)

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More News from Lake Wobegon contains many fan-favorite stories that are grouped into 4 themes: Love, Hope, Faith, and Humor.

From stories like the Lutheran pastors' barbecue on a pontoon boat, to the 1957 Chevy and the Homecoming Day parade, these stories will captivate your attention for hours. It’s the perfect companion for any road trip! Over four hours on 4 CDs.

Fan favorites include "Pontoon," "Homecoming," "Truckstop," and "Alaska." Over 5 hours on 4 CDs.

Faith:  Download from Amazon >>>  iTunes >>>

Rotten Apples; O Death; The Wise Men; A Trip to Grand Rapids

Love:   Download from Amazon >>>  iTunes >>>

Alaska; Uncle Al's Gift; Skinny Dip; Homecoming

Hope:   Download from Amazon >>>  iTunes >>>

Truckstop; Smokes; The Perils of Spring; Let Us Pray

Humor:   Download from Amazon >>>  iTunes >>>

Pontoon Boat; Author; The Freedom of the Press; Vicks

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