Life These Days: Stories from Lake Wobegon (3 CDs)

Life These Days: Stories from Lake Wobegon (3 CDs)

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Touch your heart and tickle your funny bone with these 11 stories about life in Lake Wobegon.  Fan favorites include "Clarence Cleans His Roof," "Pastor Ingqvist's Trip to the Mall," Gladys Hits a Raccoon," and "The World's Biggest Pile." Over 3 hours on 3 CDs plus a bonus printed Keillor short story entitled "Spring."


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Gladys Hits a Raccoon; The World's Largest Pile; The Risk Takers; My Cousin, Rose

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Pastor Inqvuist at the Mall; Hunting Stories; Sorrows of January; Clarence Cleans his Roof

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Miracle of the Pastor's Dog; The War of the Kresbachs; Graduation

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