I'm a Mother mug (set of 2 mugs)
I'm a Mother mug (set of 2 mugs)

I'm a Mother mug (set of 2 mugs)

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Who is more important than the one who brought you into this world? Garrison wrote this wonderful poem for all mothers, featuring the wisdom and rules that have helped us get this far.

Mug is microwavable and holds a generous 11 oz. Comes in a set of two, because you probably know at least 2 cool moms in your life.

Features the words "I'm A Mother" on one side and the below poem on the other:

Don't put yourself down
Mind your p's and q's
A smile gets you more than a frown
Never buy cheap shoes
Too late smart, too soon old
One door opens when two doors close
If you don't want to catch cold
Wash your hands before picking your nose.
Keep your mind on what you're doing
Life is not fair
Close your mouth when you're chewing
And always wear clean underwear
Time brings all things to light
Your mama told you and she was right.