I'm a Democrat Long Sleeved Shirt

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This week, Garrison dips his toe into the 2020 Presidential election by asking a simple question in the form of a poem. With his trademark wit and humor, the 'homegrown democrat' lays out ideals and principles he was taught as a child. Long Sleeved T-shirt is available in "Democrat blue" in sizes M - XXL.

"I'm A Democrat" is printed in medium-size font in the center of the front of the shirt, and the full poem, below, is printed on the back.

I'm a democrat, I confess,
I went to a public school.
Teachers taught us helpfulness
And to follow the Golden Rule.
Don't push, don't be rude,
Don't boast and brag.
Keep a reverent attitude
When you salute the flag.
Love our country's history,
The Founders' noble cause
To protect equality,
Our liberty, our laws.
Don't mess up your environment,
And above all, do not lie!
Do you wish we had a President
Who is like that? So do I.