Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater (3 CDs)

Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater (3 CDs)

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Enjoy the best of Garrison Keillor's comic fables from A Prairie Home Companion, all about true love and other tribulations, brought to life by a cast of brilliant radio actors.  Over 3 hours on 3 CDs.

1997 Grammy Award Nominee


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  • This Man This Woman
  • Taking a Chance on Love
  • Bertha's Kitty Boutique: Cat Box Video
  • Greenwich Village Days
  • Caf├⌐ Boeuf: Secrets of the Kitchen
  • Silver Lining: Getting Older
  • Famous Celebrities: New Years Eve
  • Cowboys: The Second Lefty
  • Just One of Those Things
  • Chicken Little-Starring Tom Keith
  • Guy Noir, Private Eye: Tony Rigatoni
  • Fred Farrell Animal Calls

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  • How I Met George Gershwin
  • Little House on the Desert
  • Silver Lining: Cold Weather
  • Beebopareebop: The Dream
  • Mel's Big Boy Buffet
  • Newt
  • La Influenza
  • Lutherans On-Line
  • The Ketchup Advisory Board
  • Bemidji Fishing Opener Song
  • Beebopareebop: The Operation
  • Adventures in Ethics
  • Beebopareebop: The Contest