From the Archives: The News from Lake Wobegon - 1983

From the Archives: The News from Lake Wobegon - 1983

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We have raided the vault and assembled the fourth chronological look at the origin stories of Lake Wobegon!

When A Prairie Home Companion went national in 1980, Garrison Keillor started turning his vignettes, updates, and letters from Lake Wobegon into a full-fledged story each week. In this vintage collection, you can hear America’s favorite storyteller hone his craft in front of a live audience, regaling them with stories about what takes place in “the little town that time forgot and decades could not improve.”This collection includes monologues from A Prairie Home Companion that aired in the year 1983.

These stories will enchant you today as much as they did four decades ago.  Many haven't been heard since about 1987 thus this collection can be treated as a new Lake Wobegon story collection.  It's time to return to your favorite small town.

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