Anti-Trump Greeting Cards (set of 3)

Anti-Trump Greeting Cards (set of 3)

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Order now and cards will ship by mid-November. Anti-Trump sold in a set of 3 so that you can send a special message to the Trumple in the family.  Cards measure 4.5" by 6.5"

(Christmas 2021 – Anti 45 twist)

I say this prayer every year:
Lord, come down here.
When we celebrate your birth,
Appear on earth.
Some folks who read the Holy Book
Have put their faith in a downright crook,
A cruel narcissistic guy,
And think he’s sent by God on high.
This child can enlighten them
If He appears in Bethlehem.
The star shines to show the way,
The manger waits, full of hay,
The two who’ve come to his hometown
Seek a place she can lie down.
With the sheep, we’ll gladly kneel
And the child’s love we’ll feel.
Dismiss this Caesar. Lord, be real.