A Visit To Mark Twain's House (2 CDs)

A Visit To Mark Twain's House (2 CDs)

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This classic performance of Garrison Keillor's American Radio Company was broadcast live from the Mark Twain Memorial in Hartford Connecticut.

The Hartford house is where Twain wrote many of his works. The show pays homage to Twain's genius and personality with humor, period music, and a classic Keillor monologue. Guests included Roy Blount, Jr., the Gregg Smith Quartet, and singer Pamela Warrick-Smith.

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Tishimongo Blues - The Twain Home - Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen - Roy Blount Jr. in the Billiards Room - Twain Aphorisms - Advice to the Youth of this Country - Some Folks Do - Introduction to Huckleberry Finn- GK Reads from Huckleberry Finn - He's the Lily of the Valley - Intermission

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More of Twain's Sayings - Twain's Music Box - Thanks to the Mark Twain Memorial - Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child - Garrison and Roy Blount Jr Play Pool - Old Home Day - Thanks - Flow Gently Sweet Afton