A Prairie Home Companion 20th Anniversary Collection (4 CDs)

A Prairie Home Companion 20th Anniversary Collection (4 CDs)

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"It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my hometown."

This splendid collection of highlights from the first two decades of A Prairie Home Companion includes 15 monologues, skits, musical numbers, and an illustrated 24-page booklet of memories of the show from Garrison and friends. Over 5 hours on 4 CDs.

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Hello Love; O Captain, My Captain; I Will; Tomato Butt; Barnyard Dance; Casey at the Bat; Rhubarb; Life Is a Ballgame; Revival Tent; Calling My Children Home; The Perfect Day

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The Warm Welcome; Regina; Carl's Dog Story; Vincent; Pontoon Boat; Goin' Home; The Lake Superior Canyon Project; Cotton; Emily Dickinson's Birthday Pizza; Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam; Troublesome Ivories

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The Little Match Girl; The Elegance of Winter; Answering Machine; A Kohler Thanksgiving; Not the Cheapest Kind; Homecoming; You Drive Me Crazy; Six Minute Hamlet; The Living Flag; Stars and Stripes

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Pioneer Waltz; Buddy Holly and the Pharaohs of Rhythm; My Life; Cherry Picker; Graduation Day; Julia; Raccoons; Lover's Waltz