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A Prairie Home Companion: A Film by Robert Altman (DVD)

A Prairie Home Companion: A Film by Robert Altman (DVD)

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From legendary director Robert Altman comes his final film, the deeply moving and comedic A Prairie Home Companion. Based on Garrison Keillor's wildly popular radio program of the same name, Altman invites audiences to the fictional "closing night" of the fabled show. As the rain pours down on a blustery Minnesota evening, the cast tapes their final performance while waiting for the Texas businessman who has bought the theater to arrive and shut them down. Backstage, the colorful ensemble says their goodbyes and confronts old conflicts, while onstage the performers transfix the audience with the show's trademark wit and whimsy. But when a mysterious woman appears offstage introducing herself as the angel Asphodel, it becomes apparent that this will be no ordinary closing night.

Includes Extras:

  • Commentary by director Robert Altman and actor Kevin Kline
  • "Come Play With Us: A Feature Companion" featurette
  • "Onstage at the Fitzgerald: A Music Companion" - extended musical performances and advertising segments
  • Soundtrack preview (jump to songs in the film)
  • Trailer