A Life in Comedy by Garrison Keillor (2 CDs)

A Life in Comedy by Garrison Keillor (2 CDs)

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Personally chosen by the author and performed for sold-out audiences at Yale Repertory Theatre, this is a wide-ranging survey of Garrison Keillor's favorite works--both published and unpublished. Stories from The New Yorker, chapters from his bestselling novels, News from Lake Wobegon monologues, essays from Time magazine, letters and even a few pretty good poems. Includes "You Say Potatoe," "A Summer Night," "Joe," and 15 others. 2 1/2 hours on 2 CDs.

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Introduction; Baby Baby; Wobegon Boy; Walking Down the Canyon; Episcipalian; Garrison Talks about his Father and Grandfather; Book of Guys; You Say Potato; Letter to Grads; How To Write to Mom in Seven Days; The I.W.W.; Jack, Jack Kerouac

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The Midlife Crisis of Dionysus; A Summer Night; Dad; Longevity; Don Giovanni; Joe

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