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A Christmas Blizzard (HC)

A Christmas Blizzard (HC)

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"A Christmas Blizzard is a story about a rich man who dreads the holiday with its poignant memories of a stringent childhood and who longs to spend December at his estate in Hawaii. But his adored wife is ill and so their departure is delayed, when a phone call from cousin Liz in his hometown of Looseleaf, N.D. ---- his uncle Earl is dying ---- brings the rich man out of the doldrums and back to the scene of his childhood where his private jet is socked in by a humongous blizzard. There is a ghost, a wise man of San Francisco, a genial uncle, an undercover FBI agent, a steamy sauna scene, and the singing of Christmas carols. And several feet of snow." - Garrison Keillor

The inimitable Garrison Keillor spins "a Christmas tale that makes Dickens seem unimaginative by comparison" (Charlotte Creative Loafing)

Snow is falling all across the Midwest as James Sparrow, a country- bumpkin-turned-energy-drink-tycoon, and his wife awaken in their sky- rise apartment overlooking Chicago. Even down with the stomach bug, Mrs. Sparrow yearns to see The Nutcracker while James yearns only to escape-the faux-cheer, the bitter cold, the whole Christmas season. An urgent phone call from his hometown of Looseleaf, North Dakota, sends James into the midst of his lunatic relatives and a historic blizzard. As he hunkers weather the storm, the electricity goes out and James is visited by a parade of figures who deliver him an epiphany worthy of the season, just in time to receive Mrs. Sparrow’s wonderful Christmas gift. Garrison Keillor’s holiday farce is the perfect gift for the millions of fans who tune into A Prairie Home Companion every week.

Hardcover book is 192 pages.  Note that the hardcover and softcover have different endings