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2020 Caribbean Cruise Welcome Bag

2020 Caribbean Cruise Welcome Bag

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On every "A Prairie Home Companion" cruise of the past, guests were welcomed into their cabins with a schedule of events and a special "welcome bag" filled with goodies and gadgets designed to make their cruise easier and more enjoyable.

For our COVID-interrupted 2020 cruise, we were going to present this nifty insulated bag, great for packing with cool beverages and hauling to the beach! Since we can't give it to you in person, we're offering it here. Each bag is filled with the surprise souvenirs that would have been included if we were all on the ship together.

Note: we are giving away this bag to our cruisers for free! Shipping costs $10 total, so we are "pricing" this tote bag at $5 and another $5 will be added at checkout.

Thanks for your patience as many have emailed about the welcome bags these past few months!