Pretty Good Jokes LIVE (2 CDs)

Pretty Good Jokes LIVE (2 CDs)

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Pretty Good Jokes LIVE brings you all the jokes and sketches featured on the five most recent editions of the almost-annual Joke Show, and also includes brand new material. More than 3 hours of non-stop humor on 2 CDs.

Jokes are made for sharing, and everyone loves to laugh. This nonstop collection gathers the best jokes from the most recent Joke Show (11/4/2014) plus special joke segments from 2011 to the present, all recorded before live before doubled-over audiences in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and New York. Performers include show regulars Garrison Keillor, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Tom Keith and Richard Dworsky along with special guests. There's music from the Guys All-Star Shoe Band, a bucketful of Halloween jokes, a musical tribute to bad jokes, a celebration of Jewish Jokes from New York radio legend Larry Josephson, Ole and Lena jokes, a Guy Noir sketch, Dusty and Lefty, and of course, even more jokes. 

So it's everything fans want and expect: good jokes, good music, and a pretty darned good time.

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The Secret of Comedy - We are the World - The Differences between Men and Women - Men Don't Change Lightbulbs - Athiests and Unitarians - Innocent Jokes - You Make Me Feel like a Minnesotan - Off Key Jokes - City Jokes - Religion Jokes - Joke Hotline - Catschup  Advisory Jokes - Listener Jokes - Jokes from the Band

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New Jokes - Everybody Eats - Frankenstein - Bad Jokes - Guy Noir - Newish Jokes - Starbucks - Jokes with Larry - Lives of the Cowboys - News from Lake Wobegon - Laughing at Life - Bar Jokes - Marriage



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