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"I'm a Democrat" mug (set of 2 mugs)
"I'm a Democrat" mug (set of 2 mugs)

"I'm a Democrat" mug (set of 2 mugs)

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Mug with a poem Garrison wrote about the values he learned as a child. It ends with a simple question that could impact the 2020 Presidential election! Mug holds a generous 10 oz. On the back, the mug proclaims: "I'm A Democrat"

We recommend hand-washing due to differing dishwasher temperatures.

I'm a Democrat, I confess,
I went to a public school.
Teachers taught us helpfulness
And to follow the Golden Rule.
Don't push, don't be rude,
Don't boast and brag.
Keep a reverent attitude
When you salute the flag.
Don't mess up the environment,
And above all, do not lie!
Don't you wish we had a President
Who is like that? So do I.


NOTE: THIS mug will not ship until the end of Feb 2021 as it is out of stock and on order.