Prairie Home: The True Story

Chris Monroe is an author, illustrator, and cartoonist. She is the creator of the long-running weekly comic strip "Violet Days," which can be seen in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Duluth News Tribune, and monthly in the Funny Times.  She has a collection of her comic strips,"Ultra Violet, Ten Years Of Violet Days," available through Amazon.

Ms. Monroe is also the author of the award winning children's book Monkey With A Tool Belt series of books. 

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, her illustration work has graced the covers of magazines, CDs, catalogs, and t-shirts. She has shown her art work in galleries and museums internationally.

  • The first panel is an outdoor scene, where you can see in to a cabin. "A Snowy Night in Minnesota"


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  • I don’t see Chris Moore in the Strib. Where is it? I need MORE.

    Marguerite Harvey
  • Hey Garrison, read your piece about finding one of your books at a yard sale In L W, a “few” years back; Now, I have the same weird shock; saw a copy of mine at the Salvation Army this A M!

    Karl Hamann
  • Perfect….

    Paul Sampson
  • Violet Days is my favorite “new” comic in FT! Now I find out Chris is a MInnesotan, and the strips’ been going for ten years!

    Karl Hamann

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