Good Poems American Places edited by Garrison Keillor



From Garrison Keillor:

Good Poems, American Places. A generous selection of poems from The Writers Almanac in which poets express their love of American scenes —- Kenneth Rexroth in the High Sierras, May Swenson in New York, Maxine Kumin’s horse farm in New Hampshire, Jim Harrison on the Arizona desert, Barbara Hamby’s ode to hardware stores, road poems, poems about big cities and the vast plains and the ocean shore, including chapters entitled “Good Work,” “A Sort of Rapture,” “2x2x2,” “Out West,” and “On the Avenue.”

Garrison Keillor

From the Publisher:

Another bestselling anthology from Garrison Keillor—beautiful verses rooted in the American landscape.

Garrison Keillor, the editor of Good Poems and Good Poems for Hard Times, host of The Writer’s Almanac, and all-around arbiter of fine American poetry, introduces another inspiring collection by a range of poets, some beloved favorites and others brash unknowns, organized by regions of America.

From Nantucket to Knoxville, Manhattan to Minnesota, the heart can be exalted anywhere. Think of these poems as postcards—from Billy Collins, Nikki Giovanni, William Carlos Williams, Naomi Shihab Nye, Gary Snyder, Mary Oliver, and many more.

Like the previous Good Poems collections, this volume celebrates the high-spirited, the witty and antic and jazzy voice that in many ways defines the land of the free. Choosing poems full of humor, sharp insight, and warmth, Garrison Keillor once again makes good poetry accessible and immensely enjoyable.

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Driving West in 1970 by Robert Bly from May 23, 2009 >>>
The Sacred by Stephen Dunn from November 8, 2009 >>>
A Strange New Cottage by Allen Ginsberg from June 3, 2006 >>>
Summer in San Francisco by Carolyn Miller from July 5, 2009 >>>

Table of Contents:

Each section of the book contains 10 to 30 poems.

On The Road
A Warm Summer
The Place Where We Were Naked
City Life
A Comforting Immensity
A Sort of Rapture
One the Avenue
Good Work
Out West
Show Business
Ocean Brine
Never Expected to be There


"Poems breathe place. Whether that locale is Gary Snyder's wilderness west or William Carlos Williams' urban New Jersey outpost, American poetry is suffused with the atmosphere of its settings. Garrison Keillor's anthology Good Poems, American Places recognizes that focus with a free-ranging selection of our cities, towns, rural communities, and rustic hideaways. Poet contributors include Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, Nikki Giovanni, and Naomi Shibab Nye."

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