Elvin Bishop

Bluesman Elvin Bishop was a founding member of the groundbreaking Paul Butterfield Blues Band. He went solo in 1968, moved to the Bay Area, and continued a music career that's now into its fifth decade. The most recent of his twenty-some albums are 2020’s 100 Years of Blues.  Trombonist Ed Earley joins Bishop for today’s show. 

'Ace in the Hole' from A Prairie Home Companion

A word from Elvin:

Early in the pandemic I made a video about the situation--after that I figured more complaining wouldn't do any good, and it was just a matter of riding it out---I live kind of in the country, and there are worse places to be stuck--the company's good--my wife Cara is a very nice person and a good cook, and our dog Spotty is a lot of fun--every year I raise a big garden and can up tons of fruit and vegetables--I always say if I could find a pork chop tree, I'd never have to go to the store at all--so not being able to go out didn't hurt me as bad as some people. music?--I practiced some, but didn't write much of anything the whole year--just wasn't in the mood--so when things open up there'll either be a hell of a burst of creativity, or I'll just be rusty---who knows---Ain't life interesting!


100 Years Of Blues debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart upon its release in Fall 2020, and remained there for 22 weeks. Tastemaker UK magazine MOJO selected it as the #3 Blues Album of the year.  He wanted to share the press release regarding the album.  You can view it here >>>

Here is an interview Elvin did upon it's release >>>

Elvin did a song back in July 2020 just as the pandemic was really taking hold.  It's called "Lockdown" and it's Elvin with members of his Big Fun Trio—Bob Welsh and Willy Jordan—and guests Kid Andersen (Guitarist for Rick Estrin & The Nightcats) and Derrick D'Mar Martin (drummer for Rick Estrin & The Nightcats).  This song doesnt appear on any Elvin releases.





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