A Scary Home Companion: Horrors (2 CDs)

Garrison Keillor's Horrors! is a grab bag of treats from Halloween broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion, with eclectic musical performances and lighthearted comedy from the show's cast of regulars.

Halloween is a time when everyone's a kid again—perhaps that's why it's so eagerly celebrated by adults! Listen to Horrors! and you'll smile, you'll shiver, and you might even take a peek to see what's lurking in the shadows.


Listen to a sample >>>

Track Listing:

  1. Halloween
  2. This Wonderful World – Bats
  3.  “In the Dark”
  4. The News from Lake Wobegon: The Ethics of Jokes
  5.  “Blue Turtles”
  6.  “The Raven” Listen >>>
  7. Halloween: The Movie
  8. Café Bœuf
  9. That’s Odd 
  10. Halloween at the Radio Station (Disc 2)
  11. Funerary Verse
  12. Flies
  13. Celebrity Halloween
  14. Little Red Riding Hood
  15. Buried Alive
  16. “Creepy Feeling”
  17. The News from Lake Wobegon: The Do-Rites

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  • I wonder if you would consider selling your audio offerings by streaming, or better yet, as files that can be downloaded. I live far away where we don’t even have post boxes. To receive a package, we must drive 3 hours to a port and pay import taxes even if it only costs a few cents. But how I love to listen to Garrison’s voice. His stories and weekly entertainment allowed me to maintained my equilibrium during so many working years. A million thanks ~

    Annie Welch

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