A Prairie Home Companion: Duets 2

“The world is full of lonesome singers, bless their hearts, who need to tell us about their empty days and weepy nights, but the answer to their dilemma is so simple: find someone to sing with and feel better. Our radio show has been working on behalf of duetology for years and this 2nd volume of duets from the show is proof. Whether the voice is united with that of a sibling, pal, life partner, or someone you only met last Tuesday, the result can be delightful and moving. And because it’s the performers’ relatives who buy their CDs, sales are doubled.” —Garrison Keillor


From the publisher:

Duet singing continues to be one of the hallmarks of A Prairie Home Companion, America’s favorite live radio variety show. Following in the grand tradition of the original A Prairie Home Companion Duets collection, Duets 2gathers even more outstanding performances from the show’s archives, revealing the magic that occurs when two voices meet in front of a live audience.

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Performances include:

  1. Dear Someone — Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
  2. My Little Girl in Tennessee — Sam Bush and Stuart Duncan
  3. Sleepless Nights — Garrison Keillor and Suzy Bogguss
    “I love a lot of things about APHC — yes, I am a monologue fan — but I need to say this CD is a true representation of the fantastic music found on this show. This is a gem of a CD. To pick my favorite is pretty tough; GK with Suzy Bogguss singing “Sleepless Nights” is beautiful.” —Kate Gustafson, Managing Director
  4. Love Hurts — Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller
  5. Out on the Western Plain — Jason and Pharis Romero
  6. Lying to the Moon — Robin and Linda Williams
    “A beautiful lyric by Matraca Berg combined with a stunning vocal by Linda Williams.  They chose to perform this song on the show after hearing Garrison say that ‘nothing makes you feel better than a really sad song.’ Well, after listening, we should all feel better.  This is one of my all-time favorite musical performances, made even better when they performed it on the Western Caribbean cruise.” — David Edin, Merchandise Manager
  7. If You Were Mine — Garrison Keillor and Heather Masse
    “Ann Reed’s sweet tentative love song to a friend. ” — Garrison Keillor, Host
  8. Trouble on Alum — Jerry Douglas and Luke Bulla
    “A lovely acoustic number, this song sends you floating peacefully down a river right into a barn dance.” — Theresa Burgess, Office Manager
  9. My Old Cottage Home — Mike Compton and Joe Newberry
  10. Bella and Ivan — Sara and Sean Watkins
  11. Hallelujah — MaMuse
    “You wanna let yourself be lifted?  ‘Hallelujah’ won the Duet Contest a while back, and my gosh.  MaMuse is all of a walk along the river, and I’d meet ‘em there, any day, down by the water.” — Mrs. Sundberg, Housewife and Writer
  12. Love in Vain — Garrison Keillor and Heather Masse
  13. Way Downtown — Bryan Sutton and Casey Campbell
  14. Dizzy Fingers — Dick Hyman and Rob Fisher
    “Two pianos, four hands with 20 fingers — meticulously played live on stage at Town Hall in 2010. Like an interlocking rollercoaster, Dick Hyman and Rob Fisher performed this ragtime favorite flawlessly.”  — Kate Gustafson, Managing Director
  15. Will You Walk with Me — Anne and Pete Sibley
    “Husband and wife duo Anne and Pete Sibley sang this on our 2009 Great American Sing-off, and it earned them first place with our listeners” — Kathryn Slusher, Music Producer
  16. Mary — Karan Casey and Aoife O’Donovan
    “This song is absolutely stunning in its simplicity.  Just two voices blending so beautifully. I remember hearing it live during the show and being transfixed.” — Sue Scott, Royal Academy of Radio Actors
  17. Love’s Old Sweet Song — Garrison Keillor and Aoife O’Donovan
  18. Fallen — Storyhill
    “Johnny and Chris of Storyhill have been making music together for most of their lives.  Their guitar parts and vocals fit together so seamlessly that it is hard to tell who is taking the lead and who is backing up. ‘Fallen’ is the perfect song for a quiet Saturday evening at home; simple and beautiful.” — Tom Campbell, Fitzgerald Theater Stage Manager
  19. Western Plain (When I Was a Cowboy) — Heather Masse and Aoife O’Donovan
    “Heather and Aoife turn a cowboy tale made famous by Leadbelly into a jug band romp with taut vocals that are sometimes sweet, sometimes close to sinister. When they stray just a little in the third verse you can hear them smile and lock back in—a tricky but important hallmark of great duet singing.” — Ben Miller, Web Producer
  20. Traditional Fiddle Medley — Sara Watkins and Richard Kriehn
  21. Sweet Tooth — Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
    “Performed in front of a packed house at The Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park.  Listen to the crowd’s response when they get to the last verse, about ‘Sheep’s in the meadow, wolf’s in the house.'” — Kathryn Slusher, Music Producer

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